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Test our Basic Tool through Wix

Wix is the largest do-it-yourself website builder in the world with over 100 million clients. Gamify (formerly know as Ikemu) partnered with Wix to create a ‘do-it-yourself’ award winning Wix game engine.

To see how the Wix game engine can help you check out the tutorial below.


Note: The Pro tool which includes analytics, tracking and multi-site use is only available to marketing agencies working directly with Gamify as it requires a workshop.

Step 1 – Intro

Welcome to the Games App by Gamify, where you can create your own custom games to put on your website.

Customising games with Gamify is easy – start by clicking on a game to try it out and find one that you like. As a free user you can publish these unedited versions of our game onto your site, or you can upgrade to publish a customised game and also add rewards and surveys.

Let’s pretend that you’re a jewellery shop looking for a fun way to engage your visitors and get them to recognise different cuts of diamonds. After upgrading to a paid version of the app, you can customise our icon match game to use different diamonds instead of the default symbols (see video for demo)!

No matter what your website is for, you can customise a game to match your brand. It’s free to try, so let your creative juices flow and see how the power of games can improve your website.

Step 2 – Create a Game

To add a game to your website, first add the ‘Games’ app from the Wix App Market. Then simply drop and drag the game to where you would like it to display, noting that the app is resizable.

To start either double-click on the image or click on the ‘Settings’ button. From the game selection screen, you can browse all of the available games and choose one you’d like to try. Once you’ve chosen, hit next.

From the following screen you can change the text and image that will be displayed on your website. These will be shown wherever you
place the app. You can change out the image by clicking on it and selecting images from those you’ve already uploaded or from Wix or Big Stock’s free image library. You could also change the Game Over screens and Leaderboard here.

If you upgrade to a paid account, using the following screen you can then customise all of the games graphics. As a free user you can publish the game as is. You also have the option of doing a test customisation, so you can try out the game before deciding to upgrade. All of your game changes will be saved so you can upgrade to publish your customised game.

Finally, you can try out the customised version of your game.

You can also access all of the games you’ve selected or created by clicking on the ‘My Games’ tab. From there you can see how many game-plays are left each month, you can edit the game, or you can pause them and choose which games to display on your site.

Note: You can click on the preview button to see your game in action but be warned this will count against your monthly play quota.

Step 3 – Personalised the Game to Suit Your Brand

From the game customisation screen you can change any of the games graphics to match the look and feel of your website and brand. You can replace just a few items, such as putting a new logo on the title screen, or you can replace every part of the game to make it entirely your own

For each main screen of the game you will see the list of images that are used to create it at the bottom of the page. To replace an image, for example the background, simply click on it and select ‘replace image’. You can crop, resize or rotate the image from this screen. You can then add text or make various alterations to the image, such as adjusting its warmth or contrast. As soon as the changes have been saved to our servers you will see the new image appear in a preview.

You will notice that while some images can be selected individually in the bottom panel, others have been grouped together with the label ‘multiple images’ – you can view the entire set by clicking on the image.

By clicking on any image you can replace it or edit it. You also have the option to download the image so that you can easily edit it or remake it in your favourite image editing tool. If you would like to hire or get someone else to design the image for you this is an easy way to get them a copy of the original game images so that they know exactly what size you need.

To make the process even easier for similar images, you can bulk download all grouped images by selecting the download all option. When you edit or replace these images it’s very important that you place the new images in the exact same locations within this file so that they show up in the game correctly after you upload them. To bulk upload the files all at once click on the image and select replace all images. Be careful as the option to replace all images similar to this is not what you want – that option is to replace these grouped items with a single image so that every picture in the group ends up as a clone of one another. Instead, click on replace all images, and upload your image using the orange upload images button in the upper right corner. This function can help save you a lot of time when replacing items, especially for games that have many images used in their gameplay.

Each game will have a few different game screens that can be branded like this. For example, the Match 3 game has a total of six screens that can be edited to replace all images featured.

The following screen lets you set up surveys for your players, and the final screen shows your game with any changes you have made (which you can also preview at any point along the way by clicking on the preview button).


Just stumbled over this game and managed to get hooked on it and lose a few hours. Set up was easy and already have reqards running too. It's a lot of fun but once you start you can't stop, I have loaded onto my websites and have had over 50 engagements already in under 24 hours.
Gives you many games to choose from, and let's you customize them. DOWNLOAD THIS APP
I've been waiting a long time for this app! This has to be one of the most amazing apps... ever!!!