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Agencies & Designers

Gamify works with partners and marketing agencies to help produce world class mini-games for their clients.
We’re here to help you maximise the benefits of Gamification.

Why should you consider becoming a partner?

  • Simple
    Gamify have won multiple awards and their backend system is worth millions of dollars. We strive to make our training and backend as simple as possible to navigate.

  • Cost-Effective
    We will match any quote on the market so you can rest knowing your client gets the best price from a well-trusted brand.

  • Generous Partnership & Recurring Revenue Program
    Gamify do not work directly with clients, we work through marketing agencies so we can focus on what we do best. We partner with all profits to encourage future work – it’s in our benefit to work with you and make your clients happy. A set up fee and PPC (pay per click) encourages both us and you to do everything in our power to make each game-campaign effective.

  • Centralised dashboard
    Manage clients and track their campaigns. See stats in real-time including how many people have played (with leaders board), how many people have downloaded vouchers and how many have shared the game on social media.

  • Digital toolkit
    Receive videos and case studies on the best branded game campaigns updated monthly to keep you and your marketing agency up to date on successful campaigns.

  • Support
    We’re here for you with priority access to our central line and email support.

6 Steps To Partnering With Gamify

  1. Understand Gamification
    • Watch introductory video here
    • Download introduction to marketing with gamification here
  2. Proposal
    Gamify creates a personalised no-obligation pitch for 3 of your clients, and if you like the pitch you can forward it to your client. Each proposal includes 3 personalised branded video games according to each brand (3-4 working days)
  3. Follow up with Client
    Client likes proposal and wants to move ahead.
  1. Game Creation
    Gamify creates game (10-12 working days)
  2. Implementation
    Gamify works with you and client to maximise customer engagement. This includes ideas for leaders boards, filming & social sharing etc.
  3. Generous Partnership Alliance
    Once we have done one successful Game Marketing campaign Gamify offers:
    • Generous partnership program including training of in-house designers
    • Leads to clients who don’t currently work with a marketing agency.

“Amid an increasingly disconnected world, Gamify’s core offering and vision aims at eliminating this disconnect by engaging people to immersive branded experiences through gamification. This is why I would always recommend them for my clients – Gamify understands the importance of how to truly connect human to brand, whilst still understanding the nuggets of technological excellence with programmatic/machine learning to ensure your brand’s communications is always relevant.”




Nathan Frater Founder of Outliers in Orbit

“I’ve been using Gamify for my clients and marketing agency and across the board have seen amazing feedback. High quality leads have been generated and I will use again.”

Nathan Frater
Founder of Outliers in Orbit
Auckland, New Zealand


Tina Chou - OMD Worldwide

“Gamify understands the importance of how to truly connect human to brand, whilst still understanding the nuggets of technological excellence with programmatic/machine learning to ensure your brand’s communications is always relevant.”

Tina Chou
OMD Worldwide, Global Agency of the Year
Omnicom Media Group, Europe Director
London, UK

Klara Kuekmann Derwent Executive, Marketing Coordinator

“I love Gamify. As a marketer, I’m seeing shifts in clients wanting to engage with their favourite brands and games are the ones fulfilling this need.”

Klara Kuekmann
Derwent Executive, Marketing Coordinator
Sydney, Australia

Scott Bell, Brown Paper Bag Marketing, CEO

“Amazing. I would recommend Gamify tools to any marketing agency or any company looking for Branded Games.”

Scott Bell,
CEO, Brown Paper Bag Marketing
Auckland, New Zealand

Matt Ellwood - True Marketing Group - Creative Technologist

“Working with Gamify meant that we did not have to re-invent the wheel when creating a game for our client. The game that we created exceeded all expectations and the support from Gamify was second to none.”

Matt Ellwood
True Marketing Group, Creative Technologist
Auckland, New Zealand

Stephanie Delhey - Designer / Marketer Sydney

“Over 86% of Australians game on a regular basis. Its still a largely untapped market. Games are not ‘Ads’ that ‘take’ our attention but rather something we want to engage with. This is why some of the largest brands in the world continue to use Gamification. Its guaranteed engagement.
Gamification is changing the way we market and Gamify is the one providing the tools.”

Stephanie Delhey
Designer / Marketer
Sydney, Australia

Outliers in Orbit