About Gamify

Gamify, Inc. is a San Francisco based Gamification Technology Company, established in 2010. Gamify has developed an Gamification Platform, primarily for the casino industry, as well as a proprietary HTML5 Game Engine that powers virtual spaces.

Gamify created gamification.org in 2010, the leading information site and community for the gamification trend, which was acquired by Badgeville, Inc. in 2012.

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The Founders

Nathan Lands
Nathan Lands / Co-Founder & CEO

Nathan is a Hustler. He began his journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 15 in Alabama when he began making money from playing games and has been creating companies ever since. Nathan is crazy passionate about having an impact on the world and has always believed life should be more fun like a game. That idea started as a child when he wondered why you couldn't level up in real life and that dream led to the inception of Gamify. Nathan is a gamer and has been fortunate to become friends with most of the top game designers and executives in gaming and also had a major booth at E3 with his last company, GameStreamer. During his early 20's he traveled Asia and studied Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan.

J.R. Bédard
J.R. Bédard / Co-Founder & CTO

Jean-René is a Hacker. He started tinkering with electronics and programming games at a young age from a small town in Québec. After spending 5 years building robots in engineering school, J.R. joined Ubisoft Montréal where he worked on the productions of Myst IV and Assassin's Creed. Wanting to flee Canadian winters, and having learned english watching The Simpsons, he then moved to Hollywood and worked on ZBrush, a digital sculpting software for movie productions. Not a fan of Los Angeles traffic, he then moved up to San Francisco and joined Scribd as the first employee where he created iPaper, the online document viewer. Now he can finally mix all of that into the next big thing on the internets and beyond.

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Licensing & Partnerships

  • Interested in partnerships or licensing of Gamify's technology? Contact us at licensing@gamify.com and we will get back with you as soon as possible.
  • Have other questions? E-mail us at info@gamify.com or use our contact form.
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